Friday, July 29, 2011

another heart, another head.

have you ever feel so full and heavy.
Wishing for another head to share your weariness.
Longing for other shape of heart, that could be loaded with stupid things you've done.

I've been there.

And somehow, all those kind of madness, they just need to be left behind.
Don't over think it. Just let go.

So you could moving on, and be the hero of your own story.


When there's a burning in your heart
An endless yearning in your heart
Build it bigger than the sun
Let it grow, let it grow
When there's a burning in your heart
Don't be alone

When there's a doubt in your mind

Cause you're thinkin' all the time
Framin' rights into wrongs
Move along, move along
When there's a doubt in your mind

When there's a burning in your heart

And you think you'll burst apart
Oh, there's nothing to fear
Save the tears, save the tears
When there's a burning in your heart

And when you feel like you're a tourist

In the city you were born
Then it's time to go
And define your destination
With so many different places
To call home
Cause when you find yourself a villain
In this story you have written
It's plain to see
That sometimes the best intentions
Are in need of redemptions
Would you agree?

"You're A Tourist"- Death Cab For Cutie

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

you're my penguin.

Penguin, a black and white tuxedo-ish bird, that can't fly. Most likely mistaken as a north pole based animal. And often considered as cute, except in Batman comics. They have a lot more confusing facts--not to mention the irony about their wings, that apparently are better used for swimming, rather for flying--But, one thing they know for sure : finding soulmate. They have an extreme point of view in relationship. they're religiously monogamous.

"When a penguin finds mate, it stays forever. They mate for life."

It's just a thought, but maybe, i would like to re-incarnate myself to a penguin. So, i don't have to worry about, wether my soulmate is gonna stay or not....


"Can you find the time
to let your lover love you
He only wants to show you
The things he wants to learn too
The hardest parts you'll get through
And in the end you'll have your best friend

Love like this may come once
Baby it's fate
Like a soul mate he's your penguin
Baby it's fate
Baby it's fate
Not luck

Can you find the time to let your lover hold you
He needs somebody to hold to
His love is strong and so true
His arrows aiming for you
And he's the one that you were born to love

Love like this is all I want
Baby were fate
Love like this may come once
Baby were fate
Like a soul mate your my penguin
Baby were fate
Baby it's fate
Not luck..."

taken from 'Penguin'; by. Christina Perri

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

personality traces on your desk.

"...people judge others by their cover. I judge pople by their shoes. Yes, your shoes. Because i think shoes never lies."
           --taken from : shoes judging method.

are you have enough of me, telling how shoes could be the most accurate measurement to your personality ? Well, eventually, the old theory has a contender.

Something comes up in my mind, while i'm staring at my current working space. It has just been a month and a half, since i first occupy the cubicle, but i already could see my personality traces everywhere. Even it hasn't been personalized much yet, it can tell that i'm a heavy smoker, with a spicy tounge, that being shown by an ashtray full of cigarette butts and a bottle of super spicy sauce, laying unorganized on my desk (and that's another thing, showing that I'm an unorganized person myself).i begin to take a little deeper to others working spaces around me. And of course, more or less, they also have the owner's personality traces.

And here the theory goes : "do judge people by their working spaces."

 If you take more attention, you'll know who your working mates really are, or even knowing yourself better...

Here are my poor attempt to capture my previous working spaces, at work and at home. Care to guess my personality ?

My messy desk at the previous office. 
I think the CDs burried my personality away.

here's my--other--messy desk at the old room. There's no CDs, but more DVDs. 
And, NO, it's not the same. 
There's a pretty big differences between CD and DVD.

And, this is (hopefully be) me, with (hopefully be) my writing partner, 
working together at (hopefully be) our (own) working space.

pict taken from :  
(creative people at their creative space) 


* I'll show you my recent working space later. It needs to be personalized a little bit more (means : adding a stack of either CDs or DVDs, and some sort of things)

Friday, July 15, 2011

dream and run.

When something started, we dream a lot.

But, when suddenly those dreams are about to come true, we choose to end them with our own distrust...

...and running away.

I'm not. I wait.

Because i believe all my dreams, even the silliest one...

...right from the beginning.


Everybody needs a someone
Waitin’ to be there when things are a-lookin’ down
So if you feel a little lonely
Go out, find your one and only
Somewhere out there
Someone will care for you and then...
Never let her go
Never let her go

You may wonder how you know love
When the moment comes that you’ve been a-dreamin’ of
Well true love takes a little longer
Your heart beats a little stronger
You’ll know it’s real
Inside you’ll feel you’re home at last... then
Never let her go
Never let her go

So if you feel a little lonely
Go out, find your one and only
Open your heart
Give love a start and watch it grow... and
Never let her go
Never let her go

"Never Let Her Go" by : Bread.