Sunday, March 23, 2014

once, there was...

Once, a girl met a guy in a very odd world.
She was gloomy, he was moody.
But they were into nice shoes and coldplay.
She was a creep, he was a drunk.
But they shared the same weird fondness in funny words.

Once, a girl fell in love with a guy with a very clear reason.
She said ‘I think I love you’, he agreed to say ‘I love you too.”
They felt like they found a match.
She was then happy, he was no longer confused.
They were pretty sure they found their soul-mate.

Once, a girl decided to wait for a guy. 
But, a story about true love is never been easy.
They said it would take a little longer.
They said it would need a harder prayer.
Dreams shattered, Tears shed.
Heart broke, Words unsaid.

Once, a girl went apart from a guy with so much uncertain reasons.
Just one thing to be sure, Hate never grew in between.
Because they knew one thing remains the same.
They will always pretty sure they had found their soul-mate.


Happy Birthday, you.
Wishing for your happiness. 

Every. Single. Day.