Monday, February 1, 2016

The shark tale.

Once upon a time in a blue moon,
There was a shark that couldn’t swim,
He was afraid of drowning in that little stream he started.
Not because he couldn't swim,
Maybe he just hate the stream.


I remember all the things you said to me. Only everything more of a series of blur voices now.

I remember most of your crappy jokes. I remember that you said you are a sucker for gummy bear. I remember you said how rabbit should look like, fluffy. I remember you said you love your sneakers and fancy t-shirts, and how you honestly hate it when I mess with them. I remember you said you somehow like eating with plastic spoon that gives you the feeling of having a meal in jail every time. I remember you once said you want to fuck me again before we went out for breakfast if I allowed you to—which I obviously allowed anyway. I remember you told me you want to believe, just like the writing you have inked on your wrist. I remember you said you like my wits more than everything else. 

But most of all, I remember when you said you don’t want to lie about who you really are and giving people wrong impressions. The one particular thing that haunts me at night; you said, you would hate not being honest about what you feel.

I wish I could go back to that very moment. I want to hear all of it once again and asked you one thing right after; Do you really hate the idea of us being together that much?


Once upon a time in a blue moon,
There lived a fluffy rabbit.
Of course she couldn't swim either,
She hopped into the water anyway.
Waiting to get carried away with the stream,
That for once after long,
Excites her more than any other.


"Ever since I was a little girl
My mama always told me
there'd be boys like you

So when I'm with you, I have fun
Yeah when I'm with you, I have fun

I hate sleeping alone
I hate sleeping alone..."---Best Coast, 'When I'm with You'.