Tuesday, February 22, 2011


You love lemon and I love banana Rabbit is lovely, and hippo is cute But shoes will always be our greatest coincidence
swimming is your specialty And drowning is my tendency Can we just play as a teacher and student and go home after, holding hands

Oh I wish I could have the courage To take you away anyhow to some funny named deserted island far far away oh I wish I've always had the guts To ask you dissapear together Getting high on whatever drugs everyday

oh I wish I could made you a better song ***
A kiss on the lips is okay But a kiss in the eyes are even finer Please show up in my every bad dreams And do those secretly under the pillow Let's just sing into every coldplay's song Dancing with gondry into the eternal sunshine Going to hawaii and get married in whatever ritual the tribe suggest I'll dyed my hair blue, just please don't end this as a spotless mind

"and i'm always a lyric person, please somebody add some melody to get along with it..."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

tipsy talk.

Half drunk and talk. Don't combine them. You'll ended as a blabbery-drunker, or even worst, a wasted-blabbery-drunker.

I'm the last type. I talk when i drunk. Much--the talk, not the drink.

And people often offended , with what i'm saying during those times that i'm not too proud of. They said, I talk in crappy English about unexpected-sensitive things, like religion, or how bad my neighbour looks.

I hope i could be a wise-tipsy-talker. The rare type, that my friend just showed me tonight.


katanya, "Galau itu tidak menular. Galau itu menghasut. Seperti lagu-lagunya Efek Rumah Kaca."

katanya lagi, "Kangen itu bukan benda padat. Dia dari gas. Dia bisa menyublim, dan menguap, sesuai dengan momentnya."

the smartest typsi talk that i ever encountered. still absurd, but at least (sounds) smart.


envy her.

I don't know which part. The fact that maybe we could drink the same amount of alcohol, and while i'd already got wasted, she would just started being tipsy. 

Or, the other fact, that she didn't offended anybody in her tipsy talk.