Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: the year when I stop giving a fuck.

Reading more books. Watching more films. Listening to more songs. Getting to know more people. Letting weird ideas loose. Stepping out from comfort zone. Making room for options. Dealing with pain, both physical and emotional. Sucking in a lot from a lot of different inspirations possible. Learning how to accept and let go. Making fun of life itself. Thinking a little. Doing more.

Completely stop giving a fuck. And the funny thing is, when you actually stop giving too much fuck, life kinda giving you some slacks by fucking with you less.

Somehow it let me cut off  burdens I've been carrying for god knows how long. All the heavy shits to step into the next year lighter, simpler, happier.


Happy new year.
May the universe bless.

Photo courtesy: Pocut.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I want a hippopotamus for christmas, only a hippopotamus will do...

Merry Christmas, you.


"No crocodiles, or rhinoceroseses
I only like hippopotamuses
And hippopotamuses like me too..."