Friday, August 19, 2016

You are my number 13...

...But why I feel so lucky to have you?


Lucky Thirteen: the mixtape
Thirteen tracks, thirteen different feelings, about one particular person.

Time Go - Caught A Ghost
Surprise Yourself - Jack Garratt
Nothing but a Heartbeat - Say Lou Lou
Real Slow - Miami Horror ft. Sarah Chernoff
You're the One for Me - Great Good Fine Ok
How We Feel - Panama
Where the Sky Hangs - Passion Pit
2Shy - Shura
Drive - Oh Wonder
We Won't - James Young ft. Phoebe Ryan
All That - Carly Rae Jepsen
Fallingforyou - The 1975
ILYSB (Stripped) - LANY

About colors.

"It's broken white. Or is it?"
"No, it's pink."
"I only see it's white."
"Rrrr... It's more of a very light peachy pink."

"Umm... Sorry..."
"No, you don't need to be. I promise you, from now on I'll show you all the colors in the world."


Because in your voice, I see colors.
The ones that make days not just brighter but also easy to bear.


"I've known you all my life but I knew you long before that too
Let's go dancing to the songs we wrote when we lived in the shadow of the moon
And I see colors when I hear your voice
Grab your wings, they're putting gravity on trial
I see colors, I don't hear the noise..."

--Taken from: Synesthesia, from Andrew McMahon.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The glazy eyes.

In those pair of glazy eyes she sought something she was unsure about.  She always knew there was something otherworldly about them. Something, she said to herself. But never she thought it would be so dearly.


It all started with the battle between curiosity and the need to juggle her-busy-but-empty days into something fun. The game she played so many times before that mostly ended in regrets. She said to herself, she would throw away all those expectations behind. She just didn’t want to be hurt again. She was very altogether. She was even sure that she would outsmart her own mind that sometimes play the victim card out of those tragic romantic tendency she always had.

Up until then. The particular night she saw vulnerability staring straight at her. Even in the dark of night, she could sense it. And for her, vulnerability is a serious kind of feeling that can’t be disregarded just like that. It’s one of the most sincere that no one can ever has the ability of faking. Even if someone could, she wouldn’t had the power to get away with it.

And just like that. Even a perfect plan had flaws. In her case—those pair of glazy eyes.


Instead, in those pair of glazy eyes she sees the kindness the world has to offer. She wants to keep them near no matter what, because she needs to witness it with her own two eyes to actually believe in it.

Through those pair of glazy eyes, she said.
Through those pair of glazy eyes and their otherworldly sincerity.


"Have you seen this film?
It reminds me of walking through the avenues.
We'll be washin' my hands of attachments, yeah,
land on the ground, one thing I'm in your eyes.
In your eyes.
In your eyes.
In your eyes.
In your eyes.
In your eyes.
In your eyes..."
—Taken from: Eyes, from Rogue Wave.