Saturday, January 17, 2015

you belong to...

“Why are you so afraid of me?”
“Because we will eventually break each other apart…”


Reverse psychology. The easiest act of manipulation. What you need to do is basically intentionally saying something the opposite way from what you actually desire people to do. And by any means, people’s tendencies to resent what others tell them to do will get you what you want easier than taking a lollipop from little baby.

But, what if that you practice it so well that you start to do it to your own-self?

Doing things you said ‘don’t do’ to your self. Doing things you know bad. Doing things you know will only hurt you. Doing things with regret.

Things like planning to get really drunk. Things like calling your weird crush to seduce him while you get really drunk. Things like saying things you aren’t suppose to say that comes out too stupid to count as seduction. Things like kissing him goodbye so casually after the failed seduction that you started to believe as your special thing with him. Things like going home with somebody else instead of him—the one that you’ve planned to seduce at first—and making out like crazy teenagers. Things like making out with someone you don’t really want to, only to find out he is belong to someone that waiting for him at home.

Things like spending nights wanting other’s that you know will only bring regrets to your mornings.


Even that night was quite a blur already, what happened after were more of broken splitting images. I only remember one pathetic sentence that I recite over and over again in my head while all of that happened. I wish it were you. I wish it were you. I wish it were you.

I wish it were you with me at this moment.


“I know (I know) you belong
To somebody new
But tonight
You belong to me

My honey I know
With the dawn
That you will be gone
But tonight

You belong to me…”---Eddie Vedder, taken from: Tonight You Belong to Me.